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Holy crap, MSM beating up on Karl Rove at the WH daily briefing today

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I've had numerous reports that the WH press corps is grilling Scottie at today's WH press briefing. I just turned it on, I know Editor & Publisher will have the transcript shortly, because they're that good.

Anybody see the good parts? Please report in the comments.

A few tidbits I'm hearing - these are my best transcribing, not perfect.

Q: "So you're not going to respond to a question about whether the president has confidence in Karl Rove?"

David Corn: Newsweek put out a story that Karl Roves passed natl security info outing a CIA agent. Are you saying the president isn't taking any action? The president is free to respond. So are you saying he's not going to do anything about this until the investigation is fully over and done with?

Scottie: This continues to be an ongoing criminal investigation...

David Corn: You acknowledge that he is free as president of the US to take whatever action he wants to, in response to a credible report?

Q: Did the president discuss Karl Rove's current situation with him today?

A: Same question relating to reports about an ongoing investigation.

Q" Who is Karl Rove as it relates to this current adminiswtration?

Scottie refused to answer and went to someone else. He's now refusing to answer anything about Karl.

Q: You said something on this podium months ago that was demonstrably false. Does that concern you now?

A: I will be glad to talk about this at the appropriate time, and that's once the investigation is complete.

Q: Scott, at this point, are we to consider what you said previously, are you still standing by what you said previously?

A: You've heard my response

Q: when the leak investigation is concluded, will the president release all the information as to what tranpsired?

A: This is being overseen by a special prosecutor, those are questions best put to the special prosecutor.

Q: Who in the investigation made the request that the WH not comment?

A: You can ask the special prosecutor. A number of individuals have asked.

Q: Have you consulted a personal attorney?

A: I've expressed all I'm going to say.
Interesting that the president has no problem having an alleged security risk on his staff. And interesting that Rove says he's not a subject of the investigation yet the White House won't comment about Rove, when he's not even the subject of the investigation. Isn't it wiser to put Rove on leave NOW, pending the result of an investigation as to whether he's a traitor? Or is this the kind of slap-jack war President Bush runs. Someone is a possible security risk and you continue to give them all access for a year and a half?

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