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Chalabi is back

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The guy who pumped false information to the US (including the currently jailed Judith Miller) to help jump-start the thirst for war within the wingnut community and who also seemed to be finished last year when the stories broke about feeding Iran secret information, well, he's back. Not only is he back but his friends and family are spread out in the Iraqi government, all holding key positions.

The previous rumors of his skimming don't seem to have had any impact on putting him and his family in positions of controlling money, though perhaps that actually is why they are there. Considering the loose accounting practices going on in Iraq, I suppose this is comes as no real surprise. As Deputy Prime Minister, Chalabi is the chairman of the Iraq energy council which regulates contracts. His nephew is the finance minister.

If the disasters on the ground don't worry you about the chances of success in Iraq, Chalabi and his cronies ought to make everyone very concerned.

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