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Bush's Pals In Pakistan Training/Arming The Taliban To Kill Our Troops

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Bush's idea of a war on terror is to cozy up to the people most responsible. Bush is chummy with the Saudis (who fund the spread of extreme Islam all over the world) and pals with Pakistan (the country that has sold more WMD know-how and equipment to terrorists and rogue states than anyone else in the world).

Now it turns out Pakistan is very likely back to training and arming the Taliban and helping them attack US troops. The LA Times details reports of reopened training camps, new sophisticated mines way beyond the capability of the Taliban on its own and jubilant militants thrilled about the new support.

Lt. Gen. Moin Faqir, who oversees the Afghan army's operations as central corps commander, said his forces first started seeing bombs with computer components six months ago in Kunar province.

"It is not easy to use these mines unless you are well trained for it," he said....

Faqir said he could not say with certainty who was providing the equipment and training to build the new bombs.

"I think we all know where these mines are from," he added with a pained smile.

The Afghan general chose his words carefully. A uniformed U.S. military advisor was sitting on a couch next to him, taking notes on everything he said.
Bush of course says this is nonsense because he ain't reality based. But the troops on the ground know the truth and they are paying the price.

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