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Army Recruitment Already Way Behind In 2006

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The Army has already conceded it's going to fall short of its (lowered) goals for 2005. Now USA Today reports the Army is already dramatically behind its goals for 2006.

The pool of recruits who sign up as much as a year before they report for training is dwindling. So far, 3,100 have signed up for 2006, according to Army Recruiting Command at Fort Knox, Ky. The Army says it hopes to have 7,200 recruits in the pool by Oct. 1, when the 2006 recruiting year begins. By comparison, the Army started the 2005 recruiting year with about 14,700 recruits in the delayed entry pool.
Yeah, right. They're gonna DOUBLE the numer of recruits in the pool in the next nine weeks. Gee, think this shortfall might have something to do with the Army's belief that it can (make that "must") start a major pull-out in spring of 2006.

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