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Something disturbing about the Valerie Plame investigation

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Here's my thinking.

1. Novak knows who his source was.

2. Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has threatened the Time and NYT reporters with jail if they don't divulge who their source was.

3. There has been no public threat or legal action against Novak to compel him to speak.

4. That means Novak has either told the special prosecutor who the source was, or Novak has refused and the special prosecutor isn't prosecuting him anyway. The latter makes no sense, so we must assume that Novak squawked.

5. But if Novak squawked a year ago, then why are we here going after Time and the NYT, since we already know who the source is?

6. If Novak squawked, why didn't Fitzgerald do anything with the info - why did he not approach the White House, the CIA, the FBI or whomever and have this person's security clearance revoked? You don't need a court of law to rule in order to revoke someone's security clearance and get them fired - Novak's allegations are certainly enough for the former, if not the latter.

So that leaves us with certainly an interesting story about the Time magazine and NYT elements of this story. But the Novak question is still the more interesting point. Novak is apparently off the hook, yet the special prosecutor didn't feel his case was complete unless he went after Time and the NYT. The fact still remains that someone in the administration is apparently a serious security risk on the issue of WMD and that person appears to still have their job.

Did Fitzgerald learn last year who that person was from Novak? If not, why isn't Novak in jail? And if so, is Novak's source, a known security risk, still on the job?

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