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More Ohio Coin-gate Shenanigans

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More bizarre and disturbing developments in Ohio.

Today's Toledo Blade has the email correspondence between the former head of the Bureau of Workers Compensation and the Governor's office. Contrary to his seeming ignorance, the Governor knew months ago they were investing in risky hedge funds. But, my favorite is the one where he blames the Toledo Blade for all their troubles:

“While I am told on one hand The Blade is after a certain individual in Toledo and we a (sic) simple collateral damage, I have also been told by several Democrat friends (yes, I do have one or two) that the minority party caucus hopes to use these articles and resulting investigation as a way to kill workers comp reform and make it so unpalatable that a veto might be forthcoming. We continue to point out the truth and hope it will prevail (‘‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free’’)....On April 14, Mr. Conrad wrote to Mr. Taft under the heading “Capital Coin: “I believe we ‘‘may be’’ starting to turn the corner (knock on wood) on this issue. Our message is being sought out and delivered via Toledo-area media — Toledo Free Press, Toledo Business Journal (extensive article soon to be published), WSPD AM radio, and the local ABC TV affiliate — which are all concerned with the one-sided approach demonstrated by the Blade.”
Yeah, it was all a big conspiracy between the Democrats and the Toledo Blade....Right. The whole thing really exploded when it turned out "a certain individual in Toledo" a.k.a. Tom Noe was missing $12 million in public funds.

Yesterday, from the Toledo Blade, we learned that the Colorado home belonging to a Tom Noe associate -- a home that was raided by the authorities a couple weeks ago -- was burglarized this week:
The suburban Denver home of a former employee of Tom Noe was burglarized over the weekend, with thieves making off with artwork, guns, jewelry, cars, and $300,000 in wine — possibly purchased with money from the state of Ohio.
A tad everything else involved with Tom Noe and "Coin-gate." Even Colorado law enforcement is intrigued according to Chris Nelson who works for the local sheriff:
“There were immediately some red flags when you have a house of a suspect in a high profile case getting burglarized,” he said. “We are very aggressively pursuing this in light of the other ongoing investigations.”

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