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Ken Mehlman: "What Karl Rove said was true"

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These SOBs think they're on a roll. This is clearly a coordinated campaign, it was totally planned by the White House.

The head of the Republican Party just said that it's true that Democrats hate our troops, it's true that Democrats want to see our soldiers killed and are intentionally helping to get them killed, that Democrats didn't give a damn about September 11, that Democrats didn't think September 11 was a "savage" attack, that Democrats had no desire to strike back at Osama bin Laden after the attacks, and that Democrats actually like Osama bin Laden.

I really think Mehlman and Rove are overplaying their hand here, big time. The press has been atrocious for them on this all day. ABC News savaged Bush over this. If the Democrats on the Hill can rally themselves and show the spine on this that they showed today, Bush could be in serious trouble.

From AP:

Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman, speaking in Puerto Rico, said there was no need to apologize because "what Karl Rove said is true."

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