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Is Big Brother censoring the Web site

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Gee, that would be such a surprise.

From a Wash Post chat:

State College, Pa.: I posted a message of support at America Supports You that basically said "I support the troops, but I don't agree with the leadership" in very simple terms. Guess what, it didn't show up in the search results... I am not holding my breath. But it begs a larger question... is this a free speech violation?

Dan Froomkin: Well, try a more positive one, and see if it shows up, and then e-mail me at with the results!
Silly, silly, State College, PA. Remember, the only Americans who actually "care" about our troops are the ones sending them to their senseless deaths without even giving it a second thought. Freedom is Slavery, babe - get with the program.

(PS This is that Web site that Bush et al set up to help his PR war in support of the quagmire war.)

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