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How To Have Fun Mocking Creationism

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I've been playing a little game for the past few months with the Science section of the New York Times. I've often wondered what it was like for creationists -- their anti-science bias is so strong that they can barely go a day without being assaulted on TV, in movies and in the newspaper by facts and ideas that undercut everything they believe. So I've tried to get through the Science section each week without stumbling across something that would send them into a frenzy of denial and lies. It isn't possible. This week, the very first story was on the amazing complexity of jellyfish, which included the passing thought that it had inspired new ideas about "how animals evolved 600 million years ago." Oops. There goes that "the earth is 6000 years old" argument.

Many weeks, almost every story in the section will include some scientific fact that makes a mockery of the arguments of un-intelligent design. Quite simply, it's impossible to stay on top of the latest scientific news without realizing creationism is both hogwash and undercut by almost every area of science you can name. Try and read the science section of your local paper without being tripped up by "facts" and see how far you get.

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