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George Bush and Karl Rove: Most Americans Are Traitors

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Rove's comments -- backed up 100% by George Bush -- didn't just attack Democrats. Rove and Bush attacked and demonized any American who dares to disagree with them or just thinks they're doing a lousy job. 57% of Americans think Bush is doing a terrible job in Iraq. George Bush says that makes them traitors. Half of all Americans who voted in the last election didn't vote for George Bush. He says that makes them traitors. Anyone who thinks torture is a bad idea? Traitor.

Look at the last few days. George Bush's numbers are collapsing. He couldn't get a "Fridays Off" law passed in Congress and the American people are increasingly worried about our troops in Iraq (maybe because they still aren't properly equipped?). So what does Bush do? First he attacks gays. Then he pushes the flag burning amendment. And today he attacks the majority of Americans who think he's doing a lousy job and calls them traitors.

It's very simple: George Bush has had almost four years to hunt down and kill Osama Bin Laden. He's failed miserably. Since George Bush is too weak to attack Bin Laden, he's attacking Americans.

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