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The Chicago Tribune's "cheap stunt"

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Funny. The Chicago Tribune can write an editorial (yesterday) with the subtext that GOP Senators are in favor of lynching, but then when Senator Durbin reads a horrible description of prisoner abuse at Gitmo, and says, rightfully, that such a description sounds like what a totalitarian regime would do to prisoners, suddenly THAT comparison is a "cheap stunt."

Right. Because it's much more likely that 10 sitting US Senators are in favor of lynching innocent black people and hanging them from trees in the town square, than it's likely that our government could ever go too far and systematically violate the human rights of people who are different than us. Uh huh. Torture vs. lynching, and the Trib chooses lynching as the more probable scenario.

Now who's pulling a cheap stunt?

Of course, in the end, neither was pulling a cheap stunt. Senators being afraid to take a stand on lynching is bizarre and says something much more troubling about their party. And it's scary as hell what's happening at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, and worse, the Amurika-love-it-or-leave-it crap we're hearing from the Republican party borg and now the Trib. That was another warning sign of Nazi Germany, the state can do no wrong.

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