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Theocrats in the Military: Your tax dollars at work

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Hey, if you're going to have a theocracy, get the military on board, too. Sounds like that's what has been happening at the US Air Force Academy according to today's New York Times:

A chaplain at the Air Force Academy has described a "systemic and pervasive" problem of religious proselytizing at the academy and says a religious tolerance program she helped create to deal with the problem was watered down after it was shown to officers, including the major general who is the Air Force's chief chaplain.

The academy chaplain, Capt. MeLinda Morton, 48, spoke publicly for the first time as an Air Force task force arrived at the academy in Colorado Springs on Tuesday to investigate accusations that officers, staff members and senior cadets inappropriately used their positions to push their evangelical Christian beliefs on Air Force cadets.
Apparently, "the Christians" never "win" enough in the tolerance program. Win what?

The article also mentioned that the USAF Academy is in Colorado Springs which is home to Focus on the Family, too. Apparently, there's some crossover there. Not real comforting to think that Rev. James Dobson is somehow mentoring our future military leaders.

Theocratic military leaders. That's more than a little unsettling.

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