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Rumsfeld OK'd shooting down the Cessna over DC

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The Washington Post today told us that the Secretary of Defense okayed shooting down the Cessna that was flying over DC a couple weeks ago. Apparently, the pilots were seconds away from shooting down the plane -- which was flying over D.C. neighborhoods -- which means the missiles and the plane would have fallen over D.C. neighborhoods -- and the mayor of DC didn't even know this was happening.

So, it appears the newest threat we face in DC isn't terrorists. It's stupid pilots who give Rummy's guys a chance to test out their missiles over DC. If the missiles miss, where do they end up? And, if the plane is hit, where does the debris go? How far is the debris field?

I wonder if the knuckleheads at the Pentagon have thought this through. Probably not. Residents of DC don't matter:

"The authority to authorize a shoot down of a civilian aircraft is delegated to a very, very small number of senior civilian and military officials," Swiergosz said. "It is well rehearsed. There is nothing ad hoc about it. . . . At the end of the day, we are going to safeguard the capital, and they are not going to get to their target."
Um, no, "they" (whoever they are) won't get "their target" because it will most likely be some nitwit lost pilot who doesn't have a target...but they will potentially wipe out a DC neighborhood. Hmmm. I feel safe now.

Also, I saw the idiot pilot yesterday on the Today Show. What a moron. He wants his pilot's license back. No. He's too stupid. He scared the crap out of a lot of people and could have caused a lot more death and destruction.

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