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READ THIS: George Bush hates his wife. No other explanation for why his exercise is more important than our nation under attack

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There's no other answer to explain why any man wouldn't give a damn that his wife has just been evacuated pending a perceived threat to her life. The man has become another Ronald Reagan, second termer - senile, out of it, pathetic.

30,000 people were evacuated, including First Lady Laura Bush and Nancy Reagan to secure locations, pending the perceived airplane attack on the White House, and President Bush couldn't be bothered BECAUSE HE WAS BIKING IN MARYLAND. Sound a little like September 11, when Mr. My Pet Goat couldn't be bothered while the nation was under attack? When Mr. Pet Goat ran and hid for nearly half a day while the rest of us toughed it out and stood our ground, in spite of being in fear for our lives.

Failed President, Failed Presidency. That's the mantra from now on. George Bush, failed presidency.

And while we're at it, let's talk about the sanctity of marriage?

Editor & Publisher does an amazing job reporting on this, including transcripts of reporters grilling the White House spokesman as to why exactly George Bush doesn't give a damn that his wife was, at least apparently, in danger.

On the day after more than 30,000 people -- including the vice president, the first lady, and a former first lady -- were evacuated from their offices or homes in Washington, D.C., but the president, who was biking in Maryland was not notified until the threat passed, reporters grilled Press Secretary Scott McClellan at his daily briefing.

For those who might have missed it on TV -- that is, nearly everyone -- here are some choice excerpts, as McClellan continually refers to "protocols" and reporters essentially ask, "Wouldn't most men like to know when their home is evacuated and their wife is hustled to a secure bunker?" They also wonder about the small matter of the president being commander in chief and the capital, theoretically, coming under attack.
You really need to read the entire story and transcript, but here's a bit more:
Q: I have one more question. When we walked out of this door yesterday, when those of us who heard that there was a situation, when we walked out of the door, we heard aircraft, jets overhead. There is a concern that that plane came closer to the White House than the White House said, more -- it came within the three-mile radius, it was closer than you --

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, I said that it came within three miles.

Q: OK, but you said three miles. How close --

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, it came within three miles.

Q: How close was it? Because someone has taken a picture of a plane being escorted on K street. How close was the plane?

MR. McCLELLAN: Yes, I mean, if the Department of Homeland Security or FAA has any additional information, I'm sure --

Q: Scott, how close was it?

McCLELLAN: April, it was within --

Q: You know how close it was. Please tell us.

McCLELLAN: Yes, within three miles. I don't know beyond that. Go ahead.
Please read the rest of this story, it's THAT good. Oh my God, and I just read THIS part of the transcript (via E&P):
Q: Right, but there seems to be so many disconnects here. You've got a plane that was assessed as not being a threat, you've got 35,000 people evacuated, you've got a person who you claim is a hands-on commander in chief who is left to go ride his bicycle through the rural wildlands of Maryland while his wife is in some secure location somewhere, it's just not adding up.
It adds up once you realize that with George Bush, there's no there there.

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