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Prayer Breakfasts for Hypocrites West and Bush

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According to the Spokane Spokesman-Review, one of the first events on the mayoral calender of Anti-gay, but not gay in his mind, Jim West, was a prayer breakfast:

Feist said the mayor is expected to attend this morning’s Greater Spokane Leadership Prayer Breakfast, previously called the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, which is expected to attract 800 people to the Spokane Convention Center.
And, Chimpy was at a big prayer breakfast today in DC. This one was for the Catholics. His remarks were released by the White House. First, what a dope:
I am sorry that Laura is not here. You probably think she's preparing a couple of new one-liners.
Yeah, I'm sure a bunch of uber Catholics would appreciate her jokes about jerking off horses and Chippendales. But then he got in to the pandering over Pope John Paul II. You know, they shared a commitment to the culture of life:
The best way to honor this great champion of human freedom is to continue to build a culture of life where the strong protect the weak. (Applause.) So, today, I ask the prayers of all Catholics for America's continued trust in God's purpose, for the wisdom to do what's right, and for the strength and the conviction that so long as America remains faithful to its founding truths, America will always be free.
Oh, I am sure the crowd went crazy for that's a thought for any of those Catholics in the room, there are many culture of life what Pope John Paul said about the war...and the death penalty...feeding the poor....the list goes on and on...could you once, just once, challenge Bush on something instead of kissing his ass because he is a gay-basher who opposes a woman's right to choose.

The only thing that would have been more fitting would to have had Mayor West at the Catholic meeting. They could figure out a strategy to protect him like they protected the pedophile priests for so many years.

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