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GOP Keeps Don Sherwood in Key Campaign Role

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Just to show how completely hypocritical the House GOP leaders are, they are keeping alleged choker, Don Sherwood, in a key leadership position, the Times-Leader reports today:

Republican leaders remain confident that U.S. Rep. Don Sherwood will not be politically damaged by a flap over a “domestic incident” with 29-year-old Cynthia Ore.

So confident, in fact, they intend to keep Sherwood as chairman of a committee to help GOP candidates win re-election in tough races.

“We don’t see him as a vulnerable member,” said Caryn Alagno of the National Republican Congressional Committee. “He’s been in office a long time, and he’s got a solid record in his district.”

The NRCC announced in March that Sherwood had been named co-chairman of the organization’s Incumbent Retention Committee. The NRCC is the chief fund-raising arm of congressional Republicans.
So, this means that the GOP House Leadership can be defined by Tom DeLay's ethics and Don Sherwood's values. Those are the standards for every Republican running for re-election, especially in those tough races.

They really have no shame....and clearly the House Republican leadership doesn't the same standards to themselves that they want to impose on the rest of the Ten Commandments and the gay-bashing "sanctity of marriage" amendment. (Don voted to impose both on all the rest of us).

What a bunch of frauds. But, hey, Don's a charmer, and what's a little choking between "acquaintances."

In their sicko world, he probably gets points for dating a woman, not his wife, who is half his age. And, the good thing is, he didn't get a divorce. If he did, he might lose.

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