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Family Research Council excoriates Pat Robertson and Lou Sheldon

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Look at the Family Research Council go off on Robertson and Sheldon for not believing that people of faith, especially people from conservative religious faiths, can make worthy judges. This is the email I just got from FRC:

People of faith and conservative values have every right to serve in the judiciary!
April 26, 2005 | Forward to a Friend!

By any measure, our Justice Sunday simulcast to millions of Americans has been a great success. My staff has surveyed various Senate offices today and found that Senators have been getting thousands of calls as a result of our Justice Sunday simulcast.

Democrats in the Senate did not expect this type of response from the public and as a result, some are looking for a compromise. They are not happy that their two- year concerted effort to sanitize the federal judiciary of people of faith and conservative values has finally been exposed.

Despite the intense public outcry to end these unprecedented filibusters, we've learned that many of the Democrats strongest allies are continuing to pressure the Democratic Senate leadership to continue such filibusters because they know it is the only way to defeat the expected nomination of a conservative candidate to the United States Supreme Court this summer.

People for the American Way, has just launched another highly-charged, misleading TV campaign in support of the filibuster of judges. is bring its supporters to Capitol Hill next week and former Vice President Al Gore will soon give a "major public address" to try to pressure Senators to continue efforts against good judicial nominees. We must keep up the pressure on the floor of the United State Senate.

Nominees, who live according to their religious faith and those that hold to a conservative judicial philosophy, have a right to an up or down vote.

To ensure that they have that right, I need you to send an email right now to your Senators and ask them to end the filibuster of judicial nominees who are people of faith and conservative values. And I need you to forward this alert to your family and friends.
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