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Cheney's talking Al Qaeda Again

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Given all the bad polling and press the White House has been getting, you knew this was going to happen.

Cheney gave a speech yesterday warning of the dangers we face from Al Qaeda according to Reuters:

Al Qaeda is still "very active" recruiting and seeking to attack the United States, although it has been hurt since the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney said on Monday.

"The enemy that appeared on 9/11 is wounded and off-balance, and on the run -- yet still very active, still seeking recruits, and still trying to find ways to hit us," said Cheney, who reviews intelligence on threats daily.

"As months and years pass, they are hoping that our country will grow complacent, and get lazy, and forget our responsibilities," he said in a speech to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, according to a text released in Washington.

"And it's our job, ladies and gentlemen, to make sure the United States of America never lets down its guard."
Rising gas prices, John Bolton, destroying social security, falling poll numbers, judicial filibusters -- where does that lead the Bush team? -- to their only "positive": terrorism.

Just surprised they didn't haul this one out earlier.

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