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Bush making it all about himself again

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I make it a point not to watch the news when it involves Bush because it's always the same thing with the canned questions, the canned answers and the hand-picked crowd fawning all over him in scenes that compare to any fabricated propaganda program from any tin pot dictator or totalitarian government. Some democracy we've evolved into. This AP story from yesterday's visit to Latvia certainly sounds like the Bush that we all know but I'm wondering if it was truly as bad as it sounds. If only he took questions to easily from our own press.

After Bush finished, Vike-Freiberga then explained that they would take four questions — one for each president. Again, Bush tried to interrupt, saying, "Or you can have all four questions to me," knowing that foreign reporters usually want to use the opportunity to probe the U.S. president.

Vike-Freiberga ignored the remark as she called on a Latvian journalist, and Bush threw his arms up and looked to help from aides offstage. The Latvian journalist said he would prefer to question the U.S. leader, and Bush responded, "Yeah, I thought that might be the case."

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