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Arlen Specter gets personal on THIS WEEK

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Wow. They're talking about stem cells. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), who looks like hell (no hair, sunken cheeks, raspy voice) is letting conservative Senator Sam Brownback really have it. Specter is "going personal" talking about his Hodgkins Lymphoma and how if the war on cancer had gotten the funding it needed and deserved he might not have cancer today.

Brownback then says:

BROWNBACK: George [Stephanopoulos] and Arlen, when did each of your lives begin? When did your life biologically start? And we shouldn't be researching on that life at any time during its continuum unless we have your consent. When did your life start?

SPECTER: Well Sam, I'm a lot more concerned at this point about when my life is gonna end.

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