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What exactly is the Theocrat's real Agenda?

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The New York Times lead editorial slams Bill Frist today:

Right-wing Christian groups and the Republican politicians they bankroll have done much since the last election to impose their particular religious views on all Americans. But nothing comes close to the shameful declaration of religious war by Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, over the selection of judges for federal courts.
Obviously, based on all the posts the past couple days, this issue has all of us riled up. But, there was one paragraph in the editorial that really got me thinking:

Senator Frist has an even bigger game in mind than the current nominees: the next appointments to the Supreme Court, which the Republican conservatives view as their best chance to outlaw abortion and impose their moral code on the country.
What is the moral code they want to impose on America. What exactly is it that the theocrats want? It's surely about a lot more than judges.

We already saw in the Schiavo case that they are willing to inject themselves between a husband and wife. Clearly, gay marriage isn't what they are after....controlling all marriage is.

And, we know the right wing/GOP is sex obsessed, so the agenda will heavily focus on that:

no oral sex - that's sodomy;

no masturbation;

no sex before marriage; and

no sex outside the marriage (let's see if there is a congressional exemption to that).
We know a woman's right to choose will be gone. Is banning contraception on their agenda?

Sure, this some of this sounds far-fetched....but, unfortunately, it isn't. Read Justice Scalia's dissent in the Lawrence v. Texas case. Check out state legislation that allows pharmacists to base decisions about whether to fill prescriptions based on "ethical or religious principles."

What else will they have in their theocracy agenda? Can you call Congress if your spouse doesn't want to have sex or procreate? And, let's face it, there will be no place for gays in the theocratic society. Repealing Lawrence and reinstituting sodomy laws will be a priority....then, they can criminalize us.

Wait until the put the crackdown on porn in full swing. That's when all those red state guys will realize they've been duped. See, the Democrats never wanted to take away their guns, but the GOP theocrats want their porn.

It would be flip to ask these questions if so much of their agenda hasn't already been laid out. But, you know what....we have to ask. And we have to get a lot of Americans asking. Because the power-hungry theocrats want to control EVERY aspect of our lives....and Bill Frist, Tom DeLay and the GOP are willing to let them.

The battle over the filibuster is really a much bigger battle about who controls the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives. Frist and his right wing nuts have tipped their hand. Their legislative agenda must be stopped.

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