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I'm online in NYC, finally!

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Thank God. It took a bit to figure out the hotel Internet access.

Anyway, as Joe noted, it's been a fun 24 hours in New York. Other than the flat tire we got coming into town from the airport, it's been great. Yes, I'm getting my fill of orchids at the New York intentional orchid show at Rockefeller Plaza (the show is in the ice rink, 5 bucks entry, you gotta go), then they have tons of vendors nearby selling orchids. I just love this town. Exciting, inspiring, high-energy, beautiful people - BEAUTIFUL people. Our hotel is right off of Broadway - expensive as all get out, but what do you do.

Anyway, I won't be doing too much checking in this weekend, but Joe has promised to cover the slack. As soon as I get my photo transfered to my laptop, I'll post the photo of me and Star Trek's Dominic Keating (a very nice guy, the by the way) and the details of our talk, was quite interesting.

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