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Bob Dole warns about tinkering with the "nuclear option" over fillibusters

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From National Public Radio:

NPR: Your former colleagues in the Senate are... maneuvering to do away with the filibuster.

DOLE: I think you have to be very careful, that's my advice, before you start tinkering with the rules. I mean the rules have been changed before. You want to think down the road. The Senate's going to change. It's not always going to be Republican. It changes back and forth. History shows that.

NPR: If you were giving advice, and somehow I imagine someone might ask you once in awhile, what would you suggest that Congress do to work in a more bipartisan fashion of the kind that you're talking about?

DOLE: I think it's up to the President to sort of wrap his arms around the leadership in both the House and the Senate and really not have photo-ops and things of that kind which -- and I'm certain the president does this - but I cant emphasize how productive it might be to have this very close relationship with the leaders in the Congress.

Take away the Rs and the Ds and treat them as legislators.

And I always thought if I were elected president, I'd have those guys down for breakfast lunch and dinner- y'know every day of the week. Because I know how it works.

I'd just say the President, whatever he's doing, he'd ought to do more.

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