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Update on - looks like there might have been some foul play

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I told you guys earlier today about launching today at noon. Well, the site has been inaccessible all day, and its looking increasingly like our friends on the right have successfully (and illegally) shut the site down. Our boys are still investigating, and it's still possible that the site has been so wildly popular that that is what caused the problem (such a problem to have!), but nonetheless, many of us think that after Sean Hannity complained about on his show last night, one of his deranged followers might have done something.

Anyway, in the meantime, you can watch the premiere episode of here where it is parked temporarily until they move to a bigger and better protected server. (Warning, I'm in it and haven't seen it yet, so I have no idea how it turned out.) And, sorry, but the link won't work in FireFox - hey, it's a temporary mirror, be nice.

Also be sure to check out Hannity whining last night about the edgy ad has been running, an ad that takes Hannity on.

PS Keep in mind that this is the first show. Remember, even Star Trek Next Generation sucked the first year (hopefully this doesn't, but be nice :-)

Another PS. There's a pretty funny song about Condi and her big black boots at about 12:55 minutes in the broadcast. Check it out, it's quite good.

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