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"Dear Mary" gets a plug from the NY Times

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Today's NY Times has an article about Mary Cheney's ONE MILLION DOLLAR book deal. Yes, ONE MILLION DOLLARS to tell her "inside" story. John had his take on this whole thing yesterday.

The Times piece did give a plug to

Gay men and lesbians organized "Dear Mary" letter-writing campaigns imploring her to denounce President Bush's call for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
For the record, "Dear Mary" was organized that campaign was our own John Aravosis. He -- like John Kerry -- was roundly criticized for talking about Mary's so-called private life even though she was a professional lesbian who was also one of the managers of the most homophobic campaigns ever. Now, that private life is worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Mary is the new Million Dollar Baby.

While I would never pay money for a book written by Mary Cheney and promoted by Mary Matalin, I will want to know how many times she uses the words "gay" or "lesbian." (I actually heard of one author who managed to write a book about their life and never, ever used those words.) And, it will be fun to see if she acknowledges all her other gay pals on the Bush/Cheney campaign.

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