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WorldNetDaily REALLY doesn't like Jeff Gannon

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Yet another story on him, and it ain't pretty :-)

The scandal, known as GannonGuckertGate, involves Jeff Gannon – by daylight a credentialed "reporter" covering the White House for both the Talon and websites, while allegedly moonlighting as a $200-an-hour male escort and purveyor of explicit websites like and

It turns out Jeff Gannon was a pseudonym and alter ego for Jim Guckert, the name under which Gannon allegedly posed for pictures on those sites and advertised his services. He resigned his position with Talon and following the disclosures by bloggers.

Although and – websites suggestive of homosexual pornography – are no longer online, their domain names are now up for sale.

"This is the site you've been hearing about," says the ads for both sites which are listed in the "Adult/Porn" category.

The asking price for is $15,000, while is asking $7,500. Traffic figures claim more than 66,000 and 24,000 unique visitors to the pages, respectively. No previous offers had been made for either as of press time.

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