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We have a pornographic mystery on our hands

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It seems that several of the live male prostitution profiles linked to Jeff Gannon have now been taken off the Internet. In addition, the Web archive of the main escort site,, has now been erased (but have no fear, we have copies of everything). All of this is quite odd since Gannon has been implying that his linkage to male prostitution is all just crazy conspiracy talk. If so, then why did the hooker using the actual profiles remove them? I mean, you can't buy this kind of publicity.

Fortunately, we have screen captures of everything, and one of the profiles is still live - I just grabbed this screen capture of it, not to be salacious, but to prove that this is not someone's "distant past" we're talking about, it's someone's present (once you're at that site, you have to poke around to find it:

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