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Talon News on the "so-called 'hate crime' against Matthew Shepard"

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As if there were any doubt that Jeff Gannon worked for a virulently homophobic, pro- religious right organization, take a look at this little ditty that Talon News published this past December:

NBC Stands Behind Couric's Anti-Christian Comments
By Jimmy Moore
Talon News
December 14, 2004

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (Talon News) -- A network executive with NBC News sent a letter to conservative Christian group Focus on the Family last week refusing to comply with their request that "The Today Show" host Katie Couric apologize for her anti-Christian comments during a broadcast just days after a so-called "hate crime" was committed against Matthew Shepard.

Focus on the Family said Couric commented that Biblical teachings on homosexuality incited the 1998 murder of Shepard. But, a recent news report on ABC's "20/20" program revealed that Shepard's death was not an anti-gay "hate crime" as has been popularly promoted for the past six years.
Katie's crime? Asking if religious right anti-gay ads may have helped create a culture of anti-gay prejudice. It's bad enough they call Matthew Shepard's murder a "so-called 'hate crime'," but they're also beating up Katie Couric for something she said, quite justly I might add, six years ago. And who picks up on this non-story? Talon News.

You're apparently gay, and a gay hustler, and you work for people who are trying to besmirch Matthew Shepard's memory because they hate gay people. And you don't have a problem with that. Do you understand why, putting aside the whole White House/Valerie Plame issue, people might have a problem with that?

Jeff, in tonight's interview, look at David Brock's example. Disown these people who hate you. You may be a conservative on many issues, fine. But you worked for anti-gay jerks, and your articles were often written to defend the indefensible (defending Rick Santorum's man-dog sex comments comes to mind). Don't just tell us you're sorry, don't just tell us you've made mistakes, don't just tell us you're a Good Christian. And most of all, don't expect sympathy because we exposed your hypocrisy. You need to recognize that you were helping people who hate you, who hate us. Whatever your politics, that is never acceptable.

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