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Religious right poster boy has arrest record a mile long

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This is rather fascinating. The religious right has been squawking about some of its protesters who got arrested in Philly at a gay pride event recently (more background on their squawking here). According to the top religious right groups, the protesters were just innocent Christians arrested for practing their faith - and the religious right is now blaming "homosexual lawyers" working at the Justice Dept for the arrest.

Michael Marcavage, the group's leader, has a history of arrests as long as his arm. (See the link above). And according to the Feb 19, 2004 SF Examiner, Marcavage has said he TRIES to get arrested at these protests, so it could be on TV!

So, this guy and his buddies, with a history of getting arrested by police departments across the country because of his activities, gets arrested again, but THIS time we're to believe the arrest is simply because he's a Christian? Call me crazy, but police departments across the country have determined that this guy goes overboard when he protests.

And this is the guy the religious right is defending. Nice.

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