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Mr. Fitzgerald, are you listening?

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Democratic Underground has discovered a few of Gannon's old postings on a conservative Web site bulletin board on which he writes:

"I am one of the only conservatives in the regular White House press corps."
Then, in response to a statement by someone else who tells Gannon "may your tribe increase!" Gannon writes:
"Not likely! There are many obstacles for admittance."
1. What did Gannon mean when he wrote that he was in the "regular White House press corps"? He told the media, and the White House confirmed, that he simply got day passes to the White House. I thought day passes were for media who do not attend on a regular basis, not the White House press corps, no? I mean, if someone with a day pass could be a "regular" attendee in the White House press corps, then why do they have hard passes at all?

2. Gannon in his recent interviews, and the White House, led us to believe that it was a cakewalk for anyone to walk in off the street and get a day pass (simply email the night before with you social security number, then show up at the gate the next morning with your driver's license).

Yet, now Gannon himself implies that he had to go through "many obstacles for admittance." Really? What were those obstacles and how did he surmount them? Obviously, Gannon's not suggesting that having to provide his driver's license and his social at the front gate were somehow "obstacles." So what were these apparently tough-to-conquer obstacles? And how did Gannon surmount them, all on his own? And why did the White House, and Gannon himself, tell us recently that it was pretty easy to walk in?

What we're seeing here is that every time Gannon speaks, more questions arise. It's increasingly clear that you simply can't trust what he says, as it changes daily and with the wind. Possibly the most trustworthy source of information about this entire affair is Gannon's personal diary that, according to an interview he gave to Editor & Publisher, he's been keeping since early 2003. Assuming the existence of this so-called diary isn't just another exaggeration, it could prove one of the only pieces of evidence not tainted by Gannon's penchant for spinning a tale whenever he faced with a press op.

Let's hope US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is taking note.

UPDATE: DailyKos had apparently found this a while back, didn't realize. But the analysis still stands. :-)

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