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Morning open thread

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I was reading the comments about the Post article over at Democratic Underground and they seem to think the article was terrible. I so don't agree. This article broached the topic that must not be named for the mainstream media. Now they can name it. He put in some good quotes from me. He put Wonkette as my opposition - and I love Wonkette, but her getting naked quote pretty much helps me in terms of showing her criticism as more in line with her usual fun style. He put my blog address in the article, so now people can come here and see for themselves. He quoted me saying the Gannon qua Gannon story is over, which shows we aren't out to destroy this guy, it quotes me saying this is about a bigger story, the White House. Then he closes the story with the White House, again leaving that in the reader's mind.

I'm telling you, this is a good story.

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