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If this is your "past," then why are the hooker profiles still live?

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If this is his past, then why are the profiles still live on at least three Web sites? (you have to click on Meet Local Escorts, then on DC, then click through 17 "nexts" to find Jeff DC)

And why did his main escort Web site,, stay live until at least April 17, 2003 - months after he started showing up at the White House? This was hardly his "past" as it was up while he was at the White House. And according to customer reviews on his other escort sites, he had a customer as recently as November, 2002 - he showed up at the White House in February 2003. That's a hell of a meteoric change in careers.

I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but this bullshit about Gannon's "past," when it seems to be continuing into the present, needs to be addressed. Not to mention, since when is your business your private life? Especially when that private life would get you stopped from entering the White House, were it known to them?

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