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Hey Red State Guys (and Jeff Gannon), Bush Admin. is coming for your porn

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In keeping with the Bush Administration obsession with sex, the new Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, has made porn a top priority for the Justice Department according to the Associated Press:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Monday he would move aggressively to prosecute obscenity cases, and he laid out a broader agenda much like that of his predecessor, John Ashcroft.

In his first lengthy address since becoming attorney general in early February, Gonzales said people who distribute obscene materials do not enjoy constitutional guarantees of free speech.

"I am committed to prosecuting these crimes aggressively," he said to a Washington meeting of the California-based Hoover Institution.
The Justice Department is appealing the dismissal of an obscenity case in Pittsburgh in which a federal judge said prosecutors went too far in trying to block the sale of pornographic movies over the Internet and through the mail. The case initially was prosecuted under Ashcroft.
Hmmmm....blocking the sale of porn over the internet. That shouldn't set off any alarm bells in homes across America. All those butch red state guys were thinking that moral issue in the election was whether gays could marry. Wrong. It was really about Bush and company taking their porn away. Be careful fellas, Big Brother Alberto is watching what you watch.

Now, of course, we would love to know what the sanctimonious, anti-smut Mr. Gonzalez thinks of the antics of Mr. Gannon/Guckert.

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