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Good NY Daily News story too, I missed this one earlier

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Great story, with one small mistake. Gannon has never said, to my knowledge that he only read about the Valerie Plame memo in the newspapers. This is a mistake a growing number of reporters are making. Gannon has recently responded to questions about the memo by saying something to the effect of "you know, the Wall Street Journal wrote about it." Gannon has never said that he actually READ about this story in the Wall Street Journal, that the Wall Street Journal is the way he found out about the story, or, even if he did find out about the story via the Wall Street Journal, that someone else in the administration didn't slip him additional information about it.

I'm quite serious about this. Read his interviews closely. He's cagey as hell about this and only mentions the WSJ obliquely, without ever saying that it was his exclusive source for information about this affair.

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