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From the mouths of bloggers...

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In a nutshell, what the GannonGuckert story is about and why it matters, from

This is one of those stories that I don't like writing about as it works on its own. A $200 a night born-again Christian x-Marine male prostitute and right-wing loon who writes anti-gay columns for Talon News were not enough, without credentials and using a false name (his real name is Jim Guckert) he has spent two years in White House Press conferences asking conservative push/pull questions for Scott McClellan and the President.

Forget the horrendous hypocrisy involved, that takes care of itself, the real story is in these days when we are all losing our rights because of exaggerated concerns over terrorism and security, that we are not going to find out how he managed this coup over the FBI, CIA and SECRET SERVICE to so often get in knife throw range of the President. Congress being also controlled by right-wing loons and male prostitutes (I am also going to have to check their names to see if they are false too) they sure don't want to throw it into committee who could hire an independent prosecutor (like maybe Michael Moore) to find God only knows what was going on in the White House.

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