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Far right blows a gasket over Gannon

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Two weeks of silence from the far right has finally exploded like Vesuvius. This comes from CNS, the Cybercast News Service - basically, another pro-far-right "media" outlet:

Make no mistake, Jeff Gannon, or James Guckert, or whatever his name is, is no conservative. Anybody who publishes sexually explicit photos of himself on a website in hopes of making money as a hooker is no conservative. Not in this lifetime. Not on this planet. The person in those photos is a pig and a pervert.

But Gannon did rile up the Left, and it's because they felt betrayed, certain that the only reliable, no-questions-asked, no-strings-attached home for such individuals is in the liberal wing of the establishment media or Democratic Party.

The Left wants this controversy to be about a Republican White House letting in a ringer to ask questions and get access to sensitive information so he could write up favorable stories on the Talon News website. But if Jeff Gannon was a heterosexual, I suspect his questions for the president would have drawn scant attention. He wouldn't have made many friends in the White House press room, but almost nobody would have cared.

Homosexuality, at its core, is about narcissism and self-loathing. But the Left is demonstrating another of its common characteristics in the Gannon flap - denial. They want the world to believe that exposing Gannon's journalistic bona fides, or lack thereof, is their ethical responsibility.

But don't be fooled. The Jeff Gannon controversy is about sex and turning the political tables on Left Wing ideologues he should have known would seek revenge and personal destruction. It's nothing more than that.
Yeah, because obviously CNS has true love in its heart for Jeff.

It's really not worth responding to a "defense" of Gannon that also calls him a "pig and a pervert." Even we horrible leftwing bloggers didn't go that far. But I will say one thing. No one knew he was gay. David Brock launched this story out of concern over Gannon being a fake journalist. We didn't have a clue he was gay - not a bit of my gaydar went off when I saw him on TV. So spare us the "were he heterosexual it wouldn't be an issue" crap. Were Gannon a heterosexual hooker the mainstream media would have reported on this days ago. And were Gannon a heterosexual hooker in the Clinton White House, CNS would have been the first media outlet to report on it. So spare me.

Finally, this article should send a message to Gannon and other closeted Republicans. You're working for and with people who hate you. We might be pissed because you're selling yourself out. They're pissed because they loathe who you are. Big difference.

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