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End of the night, hopefully, open thread

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A special thanks, and request, to the Daily Kos folks who got this story rolling and who have found most of the dirt on Gannon. As you get updates and post them on your site, please email me the links. I'm trying to digest everything here and summarize it, keep track of it, and overall make it easier for journalists and other newbies to get a handle on (as they probably don't have the time we do to read everything). It's been hell tracking all the news on this, so any help folks can give in sending me updates would help a LOT, and it can also ensure I give credit where credit is due :-)

Thanks all, this has been an amazing day.

PS This is a fascinating piece the Daily Kos folks put together about the linkages between Valerie Plane and Jeff Gannon. This has all the feelings of a larger scandal.

NB I knew I couldn't stay away. David E's Fablog obliterates Howard Kurtz's and Wolf Blitzer's interview about Gannon.

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