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DKos Gannon posse has some research requests

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See if anyone can help them. And if you can help them, please click through to their site and post your findings:

Greetings, Kossacks. There are a couple of issues we need some help with regarding the Propagannon research.

1). If you remember, the GOPUSA, Talon News as well as other web sites were scrubbed. We are putting together a time line of when those sites were scrubbed.

We think there is a huge story there. We would like to distribute that story about the specifics of the scrubbing. We are also looking to see when those sites were scrubbed in relation to when the sites were first mentioned in the Plame diary threads which can be found:


If anyone has the screenshots of the scrubbed sites as well as archived versions of the Talon News articles and the GOPUSA bios that were scrubbed, please let me know.

2). We are also looking for the quotes from Jeff Gannon concerning what he said he did in order to aquire day passes into the White House briefing room. We would like to be clear about the process he said he went through to gain access. This is important because we have some plans regarding that process.

If you were part of this research initially and have the info or can find it, please post it here so we can proceed with the story and action. I'm asking for help on this issue because many hands make light work.

The story is gaining momentum, thanks to your efforts. We want to keep it going and these details will help us in a big way.

Again, I'm asking for you to recommend so we can get as many people working on this as possible. Thanks, NYBri

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