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Chris Rock slammed Bush at the Oscars

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According to the DU crowd, it went something like this:

Bush is a genius. I mean think about it. He was basically reapplying for his job last year at the same time a movie was being played all across the country showing what a crappy job he did. He got into office and we had a surplus. Now, we're like 70 trillion dollars in debt. Now let's say you worked at the GAP. You're closing out at the end of the day, and your register comes up 70 trillion dollars short. You're gonna get in trouble over that. Not Bush. No, he figured out a way to keep his job.

He then went into a similar bit about you working at the GAP and starting a war with Banana Republic because they're selling toxic tank tops, but then after a thousand employees are killed, you figure out Banana Republic doesn't even sell tank tops.

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