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BREAKING NEWS: GOP pseudo-journalist quits!

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Jeff Gannon
A Voice of the New Media

The voice goes silent.

Because of the attention being paid to me I find it is no longer possible to effectively be a reporter for Talon News. In consideration of the welfare of me and my family I have decided to return to private life.

Thank you to all those who supported me.
I'm sorry, but that hardly settles the matter. He's a family-values-loving reporter with access to the White House, revelations come up linking him with male prostitution, he suddenly quits his job, and we're to say "oh, ok." The White House has some MAJOR explaining to do.

Not to mention, "The voice goes silent"? Drama queen, much?

PS What an amazing testament to blogging this whole affair has been. Some members of the DailyKos community decide to start digging around, and several min-blogs start finding information, sharing it, and building on it, along with the help of bloggers Atrios and World O' Crap, and then BAM, they nab the guy and he resigns. If that isn't worth a big "Holy Shit," I don't know what is. Wow. Ok, now I'm really off to bed. And I shouldn't forget to mention MediaMatters and Buzzflash, who were also early to jump on this story.

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