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Cong. Mark Foley (R-FL) is our latest closeted gay hypocrite

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"A Republican congressman [Mark Foley (R-FL)] says Democrats on Capitol Hill want George W. Bush out of office so badly that they put politics ahead of national security." - AgapePress
That's pretty choice coming from Foley, who is a not-very-closeted gay man who is willing to politics ahead of his own community and himself by whoring for an anti-gay president who wishes to make Foley and other members of the GLBT community second-class citizens in the Constitution.

Foley's gayness has been known by most gay folks in town for years - many of us are friends with Foley's former chief of staff, who is also gay (and now helping elect anti-gay Republican Mel Martinize to the US Senate in Florida), and the chief of staff told us Foley's gay. It doesn't get any more confirmed than that. (Foley also has a reputation here in town for being not shy about expressing his sexual orientation.) Foley is also the man who last year callled rumors about his being gay "revolting." Truth be told, I'm revolted that he's actually a member of our community.

Foley continuesin the AgapePress story by accusing Democrats of creating "the kind of poisonous, negative atmosphere that I believe is unpatriotic [and] un-American." Yep, because trying to amend the Constitution to make Foley a second-class citizen, that's not un-American at all.

Foley concludes by alleging that Democrats are willing to do anything get the president out of the Oval Office. Of course, Bush is willing to do anything to STAY in office, including chucking Foley and his closeted gay buddies to the radical right wolves. What a disgusting hypocrite.

Call him: 202-225-5792

And perhaps start by asking him how a gay man could stump for such an anti-gay president?

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